Saturday, November 08, 2003

So I just got back from taking my GRE subject test in Literature. My head hurts. I hate identifying spondees and when I see the word "dactyl" I think of those flying dinosaurs, not poetic terminology. I hate that there are a gazillion sonnet forms, from Petrarch to Shakespearean, to Spensarian, to blah blah blah. I like identifying passages from lists of authors. I love that. I like interpreting passages. That's great. I like trying to match up parodies of critical theory samples with the type of theory the writer's employing. Always fun. But someone should shoot the person who inserts the technical questions about poetry into the test. U suck, whoever U are!

U even have me using "U" instead of "you", U bastard.

Other than that, I've been given permission to stay in a haunted house. A local radio station did a special on local haunted houses during Halloween, and one of the houses has a baby's ghost in it. The disc jockeys stayed a night, too (the house is actually lived in by two living people also) and were able to record the baby's heart beat, as well as a hissing noise it makes. And they reported seeing the impression of it in the bedclothes at one point. Very strange. Jackie works at the gym where the producer of the show works out, and he told her that they weren't faking or anything, and that he stayed the night too, and that he can't explain the noises or physical weirdnesses that happened, but he saw and heard them, I guess. So she told him I'm writing a novel with lots of ghosts in it, and he asked the woman if I could stay a night too. She said yes. I'm not sure if I want to, though.

I'll call sometime next week and see what's up. Probably it'll all turn out to be ridiculous. I'll update when I know anything interesting, if anything interesting comes of it.



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