Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two Reminders

Reminder #1:

Buy M. Rickert's book Map of Dreams. I got my copy of it yesterday, and it's even more beautiful in person than I thought from just the online images of the cover. I think it's maybe the most gorgeous Golden Gryphon book I've seen so far. The other Golden Gryphon book that I thought had a fabulous cover was Richard Bowes' mosaic novel "From the Files of the Time Rangers".

Reminder #2:

Buy The Best New Fantasy, edited by Sean Wallace at Prime. This book, too, is really pleasing to look at. I love the cover and the short introduction to the book, as well as the concept of an anthology collecting stories published by the best "new" or "up and coming" writers publishing each year. I received my copies of this book yesterday, and was impressed with it.


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