Wednesday, October 16, 2002

So. I spoke too soon. Not an emergency, really, but sad bad news. I received a phone call from my stalker today telling me that an old friend of ours died yesterday. Rich, the old friend with whom I graduated high school, like many of the people I know in this deranged corner of America, had a really twisted life. We used to play Dungeons and Dragons together (yes, that was one of my many many sordid past pastimes). He was a wonderful artist. When we graduated high school, he received a full ride to the Pittsburgh Institute of Art. While he was living in Pitt, though, about five years ago or thereabouts, he was forced off of an overpass by a crazed driver. He almost died then, but didn't, and when he woke up in the hospital, he had a metal plate in his head. He didn't know how to draw or paint anymore. He once told me he still saw the images in his head, but he didn't know how to make his hands make them anymore. He was always a little off center after this. I haven't talked to him in years now.

He died in his own house last night. I asked my stalker if he thought there was foul play. "No," said my stalker. "I think he probably killed himself."

So now I guess it'll be a waiting game until that information is released.

I was really hoping to keep this log playful, but my life is pretty equitable with that guy in "To Build a Fire", by Jack London. Every time I get the damned fired going, snow falls from a tree limb above me, and puts the fire out.

In the interest of keeping the fire going, I suggest you click on some of the websites listed on your left. Imagine me showcasing them like one of the showgirls on The Price is Right, sliding my fingers down the list from top to bottom. Hmm? Which shall you choose? Ptarmigan? Or That Damned Bond Girl? Maybe Little Monster. Or visit Mr. Butner and visit the potter's link. Very interesting.

It's raining here. Rain has always made me sleepy, and since I live in an attic apartment, and sleep under a slanted roof, the rain kept me mesmerized for most of the morning. I woke to the door buzzer and received a package from my good friend Elad, in San Fran, who has sent me stories and a novel he has written. This cheers me immensely!

I'm off to teach now, then to my own classes.

Everyone be good now.


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