Monday, February 16, 2004

I am sick with my first cold of the new year. Bah! It has made me bitchy and argumentative and depressed. At first I thought I was just depressed, but then I realized I'd been feeling achy and sneezy and things were tasting funny, and then before I knew it I was laying in bed sore and achy, and even my hair hurt. I have spent my sick time being argumentative on the internet, so if I've offended anyone, sorry. Forgive the sick boy this once. Usually I try to stay out of stuff, but the more my constitution weakens, the more pissy I seem to get. And crude, too. I've been feeling really crude today as well.

On top of all this, one of those personality tests online told me I have issues with: my father, age, submission, walls, and innocence.

Yeah, okay, whatever.

My mom and I used to stay up really late talking when I was a teenager and still living at home. We always had great talks, but they'd often devolve into arguments. My mom would say, "Chris, if I said white, you'd say black," and I'd say, "Not if I thought white was white." And she'd say, "See?" and I'd say, "That's circular arguing, you can't say 'see' as if that is self-evident."

And the truth is, I wouldn't say black if she said white unless I meant it, but sometimes I do say black when I mean white, particularly because I have these supposed "issues" with submission probably. So mom, white, okay? Just this once.


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