Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Soo....I defended my thesis this afternoon. And aced it with flying colors. It was really wonderful. I was complimented left and right by my committee reviewers, told it was the best Master's thesis they'd ever read, and discussed my writing in depth with them for a little over an hour. Yes, yes, I was thinking, tell me more. Heh Heh.

Afterwards, Jackie showed up with flowers for me. That was a huge surprise. I'm not used to getting flowers from people. So far she has given me flowers, a poster of Mexico, a James Taylor album, and a bottle of rum. I'm not used to such attention. Yes, yes, I'm thinking, keep up with this and I'll be your lap dog.

I called my mom to tell her about the thesis and how it turned out, and within two hours she had notified nearly everyone back in Kinsman (where I grew up, population 3,000) about how brilliant her son is. (My mom ain't no fool). I also told her about Jackie giving me flowers. She hasn't met Jackie yet, but when I told her that, she said, "Hmm, I like this one already."

I came home then to find an acceptance letter to Descant's Speculative Fiction Issue, which will be published next Fall. Descant is a Canadian literary magazine that has decided to spotlight the fantastical arts. They always produce really beautifully designed issues, so I'm excited.

Good day, all around.


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