Saturday, January 18, 2003

School is in session once more. I'm teaching two courses (Writing 1 and 2), and taking two courses (American Poetry/History, and American Class and Culture). Just got through the first week, just barely. Bleah. I'm juggling fifty students writing progress and reading for two courses, and working on stories, and yes, a novel, which has been real fun to write so far. I'm constantly in fear of the point I will most likely reach in the writing of it where I have no clue as to what I'm doing, but I'm just going to have fun with it first, and worry second. Otherwise, I'll end up dropping it altogether.

Other than the work load, I've mainly been spending time with Jackie and the other grad students. We threw a going back to school party a week and a half ago, with a pajama theme to follow, although some people chose to spice up the nightwear choices. Hmmm...Pictures taken? Yes. Posting them? Possibly. I'll look for safe ones. Or funny ones at least. We played silly games someone devised. The guys had to dip their faces into bowls full of whipped cream with cherries placed in the middle, lap up the cherry, and whoever came up with the least whipped cream won. This was supposed to be a test of tongue and mouth skills, I guess. Of course I won. And then Beth (housemate) smashed my bowl of whipped cream all over my face because I had come up with only a dab on my goatee. (I think she was jealous--heh heh). I'm still wondering why my undergraduate years were more calm, and graduate school seems more like Animal House than the fraternity kids down the street do.

I'm listening to the new Tori Amos cd, "Scarlet's Walk", which is gorgeous. It feels sort of like a synthesis of her initial early sound with some of her more electronically laced later music. And the phantasmagoric depiction of America that forms from song to song is really lovely. Another surreal and emotionally turbulent success.

Thanks to Tim Pratt for the award. I feel honored, truly!


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