Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Lately I am trying to get back into the same routine I was in at this time last year. But it's been hard for the past few months because of various things. In August my mom and aunt came to visit, in September I went back to work, in October I had various freelance jobs to complete, and this month I've been back at work on my second novel. So I've managed to get back into a writing stride but when I try to do everything--working, running, writing, and also having freetime fun--I just can't juggle all of those balls at the same time like I did last year. Or so I like to think.

So last night I finished the sixth chapter/story of my new book (there will be ten, I'm pretty sure) and ran, and also worked earlier in the day, so not so bad. At school, one of the track team girls came into the teacher's office to get a key for something and on her way out she stopped at my desk and said, "Chris, Naze bukatsu ni mo konai??" Why don't you come to club anymore?? She seemed very upset. I told her I'd been busy lately and she told me I was missing all the fun. Lately we're running down the hill at a dash! It's fun! "Kite kudasai!" she said. Please come! and looked very indignant as she described all the reasons why I should be running with them. Okay, okay! I said, and she said, "Jyaa, ashita!" and stormed out of the office with her key.

I'm always surprised when the students on the track team stop me and say, why have you stopped running with us? I guess they liked having me around more than I realized. So today I have my running gear with me, and am prepared to have all that fun running down the hill at a dash.



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