Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still and still and still...

I don't know why it's taken so long for the Boston Globe to talk about the disappearing of thousands and thousands and thousands of votes in the 2004 election, but apparently now they find it worthwhile to call for an investigation of the election. If the media in our country had any notion of honesty, this would have been something they all called for immediately after it was reported that a couple hundred thousand people in Ohio were blocked from voting or disqualified for no apparent reason. Not to mention the faulty voting machine strategically placed in particular areas of this state. I'd like to hope that more op-eds and other voices like it could shake Americans out of their affectlessness, but I think it's going to take something much bigger than words to change the hearts of our culture. At this point, it will most likely have to be something tragic on a stellar scale. And even then I'm sure the avaricious creatures that run our country at this point, both in the government and the media, will find a way to turn it to their own advantage. They have that history.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

your thought about something catastrophic being the only way people will seek truth in the government reminds me of a little book called "civil disobediance" by mr thoreau, im sure you have heard of it. He says,
"They hesitate, and they regret and sometimes they petition; but they do nothing in earnest and with effect. They will wait well disposed for others to remedy the evil, that they will no longer have it to regret."

We do nothing to change the society in which we live because it is easier to ignore the problems, and live a comfortable life, than make an effort or stand up to wrong doings, how loud does one voice have to shout in order for the nation to hear or care to listen? The press gives the glimpse of caring, but quickly change the topic so as not to let people dwell to long on something that constitutes unjust behavior. If given the opportunity to understand and absorb minor problems, we as a society may want to ask questions. And questioning the government has never been taken kindly to.

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