Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In New York

First night, the most wonderful Indian food I've had in years. Then Amy Sedaris' new movie "Strangers With Candy". It was either this or Al Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". I bit my nails, deciding, because I felt I *should* go see the documentary. But I was tired from traveling and decided the Sedaris movie would be better at that moment. Which turned out to be a great choice. That movie is soooo funny. I haven't laughed till my stomach hurt in the movie theater for a while.

There is Japanese written in so many places in New York. From restaurants with signs in their windows in Japanese saying they're hiring waiters and waitresses, to buildings where Japanese residents must live because there are reminders in Japanese on the doors for them to lock the place up as they leave. If I lived here, I could still use what I learned in Japan almost every day.

Happy Fourth of July. Now on to lunch...


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I'm dying to know what happened next.


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