Thursday, May 22, 2003

I'm packing for Wiscon and listening to Sean Paul sing his incoherent lyrics to "Hot, Sexy, Punky" once again, and am in a good mood, listening to his nonsense lyrics, or the nonsense that I make of them. My friend Cathy Morrison, who was at the Blue Heaven Novel Writing Workshop with me, has posted pictures from our time on the island in Ohio. You can find them here.

There's some really good ones in there, and as soon as Cathy emailed the link to me, I looked at them and was missing everyone from the workshop again. What a bunch of great people. I feel really lucky to have been asked to attend. Thanks again, Charlie.

Off to Wiscon for the weekend, then back home again to search for work. I've been hired at the university to teach part time next year, but I'm needing to find work for the summer now, and the job market is pretty thin, as I hear it is nearly everywhere at the moment.

Have a good weekend everyone. I'll see some of you tomorrow!


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