Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Since I am sick and not quite as bitchy as I have been in the past couple of days, I've been watching movies while drinking orange juice and yelling at my cat for not leaving the bathtub plug alone. He thinks it's a toy. I've bought him toys: a brass cage with a red puffy ball trapped inside it, and a bell trapped inside the ball. A purple hippo doll, which has catnip laced throughout it (I'm pro cat drugs). And I've given him the keychain that he found on a nightstand that I don't use anymore, since he seemed to want it like crazy. But he still prefers to steal the pita bread bag and the sandwich bun bag from the bread shelf, which is now turned into the NOTHING but boxed food shelf, because he's not interested in boxes, just plastic bags. I caught him with the pita bread last night and chased him through the apartment. He kept looking over his shoulder at me with a terrified look in his eyes, but he wouldn't give up that bread for nothing. I have a hard time getting mad at him because he's so damned cute.

The movies were "I Capture the Castle", "Wilde", and "The Anarchist's Cookbook".

"I Capture the Castle" is nearly as good as the book was. They were faithful to the plot and to the details of Dodie Smith's novel, and it was just wondeful. Usually I read "I Capture the Castle" when I'm sick. But this time I watched it.

"Wilde" was good, but Wilde himself, as a friend has noted, wasn't very Irish. Beyond that, I liked it a lot. Lots of pretty boys being naughty. Lots of literary allusions. Fun, fun, fun.

"The Anarchist's Cookbook" needs some work. I was happy to see that kid who used to act on "My So Called Life" has work again, along with a good haircut, but the script moved slowly through parts. It had potential, but not the energy it needed. And it didn't feel "real" enough in places. I'm not sure if I ever believed in the dangerous events, or was scared by the so-called scary characters. Maybe it's just because I've hung out with scarier people than they portrayed, I dunno. So, I folded laundry and watched it, instead of giving it my full attention. That kid has a great haircut though.

I am floating in a cloud of cold medicine, which is kind of groovy. Everything feels very light, and my reactions are off by just a second. I'm hoping I will be more well by tomorrow morning so I can go to school and make it through the day without much trouble. Feh. Colds are evil.


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