Friday, September 17, 2004

Something I forgot to post was how the women teachers at Numasato were all giggling around me and talking about me, and the head teacher, a man, said, Girls Girls, you better watch what you say, he knows a little Japanese and has a dictionary with him. Then all their giggling stopped and their eyes went wide and suddenly one of them said to me, "I make you second husband."

Then they all started laughing again, like schoolgirls, hands in front of their mouths.

Amber, the closest I can translate "You are the cutest of the cute," to is, "Anata ga ichiban kawaii desu." You are the most cute. Or the cutest. "Ichiban" makes all adjectives the mostest. hehe.

Oh, a picture of the girls getting ready to race at Sports Day, for whoever was in despair over that (the blurred quality of this pic is the standard for most of the pics I took of the girl's events. I don't know why they didn't turn out well).

Girl's getting ready to race.

Off to a party at Hiro's house now. Tomorrow (Sunday) Beth and I are going into Tokyo to find a famous 7 story bookstore and to visit a shrine. Will take pictures.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only did the Japanese invent karaoke, they pretty much invented flirting. You will be as a god there.


12:25 PM  

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