Friday, October 22, 2004

Oops, forgot one other bit in that last post. While I was at Takada eating lunch with the fifth graders, one of the boys came over and asked me if I liked Kerry or Bush. I said Kerry and his eyes got big and he smiled really hard and ran around nodding and telling everyone else I liked Kerry, and then they all cheered and clapped.

I asked the teachers at Takada what they thought of Bush and how they viewed him. One of the better english speakers said, "Our Prime Minister, he push Bush, but I think Bush likes to make war."

Karina, our Japanese teacher, told us the Prime Minister here pushes for Bush because Japan's economy hasn't been so hot in years and it's gotten a little better since Bush got into power. So he's selling Bush to the Japanese in the interest of their economy mostly, and also wanting to keep a war-monger like Bush in power because maybe then we'll deal with North Korea for him. Sounds like he just wants the U.S. to be his big brother who will kick your ass if you mess with him. That sort of thing. Not pretty really.


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