Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Daydream Believer

Yay, got copies of the new Realms of Fantasy issue with a story of mine in it recently, (thanks Karen and Mom and Dad). And the illustration is as nice in person as it is online, so I'm happy about that. The bio in the front is a bit outdated, though. I was never asked for a new one, and hadn't thought to email and ask, so it appears as if I'm still living in Youngstown, doing my Master's Degree in English at Youngstown State University, instead of living in Japan, teaching English to junior high and elementary school kids.

In any case, am happy that the story turned out well. I was also worried there might be textual mistakes, as I wasn't sent galleys this time. Not sure if Realms stopped doing that or if they just forgot to send me mine. But there is only one sort of weirdly spaced paragraph thingy and nothing else, I think, that got a little ruffled in transition.

Other than this, the ninth graders graduated today. It was majorly sad, lots of teary eyed kids and parents and teachers. I was given bouquets of flowers from various students, and letters written to me (some in English, some in Japanese, some in both when they couldn't figure out what to say in English) and one class drew a picture of my face and then made squares around it on a really nice framable piece of board where they each had a square to themselves to write me a message. Sweetest kids in the world.

Now I'm off to daydream for a while. I am in need of daydreaming a lot right now. Really badly.


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