Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A New World (I stand corrected)

It seems that, these days, our heroes are dying and no one is replacing them. Instead we allow those whose names cannot be spoken to twist the world to their own, dark ends. Not to mention that, while all the political turmoil of America is roiling, there are other enemies of human decency plotting their next moves as well.

It is no wonder that the fantasy epic style has become so popular. I think it is resonating with the events of the past five years more than it has since the sixties, when Tolkein apparently became hugely popular. There really is a war occurring, and it's not just the one in the Middle East. It's in our own streets and within our own families, between neighbors and employers and between our churches. I pray that the next Rosa Parks is as willful and strong as the last. We really need her, someone, to do something right now.

If only one knew what to do, though.

I stand corrected. Go here to find out. And I hope he keeps going to that class and won't let them move him.


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