Sunday, December 24, 2006


Niall Harrison has written a review of my story, "The Guardian of the Egg", from Salon Fantastique. He's been reviewing a story a day from the book, and, to be honest, I was expecting a less receptive view of mine as Niall, as he says in the review, was one of the two or three people online last year who didn't care for my 2005 story, "The Language of Moths". He sees superficial similarites in the two stories, but differences that show more restraint in the new one. It's true that I went through a period of time where I wrote about families and particularly brothers and sisters (I think I was curious about what it must feel like to have a sister, as I only have older brothers) and its true that "The Language of Moths" has a lot more "sentiment" in it than "The Guardian of the Egg", though none I can still remember not finding out of place or "earned" through the writing. But I'm glad that "The Guardian of the Egg" could still win over someone who hadn't much cared for one of my stories that came before it, whose reviews I also really enjoy.

Also, one last time, Happy Holidays! I'm off to my folks' place in wilds of Ohio now. I hope everyone has a good one.


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