Friday, October 18, 2002

TGIF, you know? I'm with Bond, Gwenda Bond. This week took entirely too long. I am thinking it might even have something to do with having a web log. Hmm? If such time dilation continues, I will post less.

They found a Dinosaur with meat and skin and a full stomach, mummified!

So I skipped out on class yesterday, then ran into one of my classmates after the class was over. I missed a crazy presentation, I guess, and the professor asking another student why he was giving her a dirty look. Drama drama drama. The classmate who stopped to talk to me, I don't really know him. He's a new grad student this year. He asked if I wanted to go back to his house and have a few beers. "Um, ok," I said. He drives us there and this house is huge in a really nice area of the city (nice, considering, of course). I say, "Wow, this is a wonderful house," and he says, "Yeah, I married into it."

He's intelligent but we're always butting heads in class. He has this Platonic idea that Truth exists somewhere out there, above us. He asks what I think about that. I say, "Um, sure. But I don't think it has a capitol "T", and that maybe it isn't without us, but within us." That pretty much is the opposite of what he's saying, and we both know it, but we go on talking about other things.

I'm always hesitant to "talk shop" outside of school. I mean, I will, but it's not the first thing I gravitate to. But I've seen him getting frustrated with the predominance of relativity as a worldview in the classroom, which is kind of scary to see someone getting upset about, and so I figured I'd hear his story and see what was up. Nice guy. But the whole Platonic ideal broke my heart.

Later I had wings with other grad students, and we talked about comic books. This was much fun.

Not sure what I'm doing with myself this weekend, other than grading a stack of essays, writing a critical introduction to my Master's thesis collection of stories, and generally catching up with other smaller school projects.

I'm feeling heavy with current events lately. I'm going to go back to reading fiction and no television. Bleah. It's bleak out there.

Group hug.


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