Thursday, February 26, 2004

Although he uses the example of Humpty Dumpty to show how language can be twisted to mean anything (and uses the example against what's going on with the gay marriage issue) Orson Scott Card himself does his own double back flips with Humpty Dumpty isms about fifty million times in this ridiculously absurd and self-assured article about marriage.

I particularly love how it becomes not only about gay marriage being wrong, but how women can't possibly lay the moral groundwork necessary in family life.

I also love how he presents as fact that without social constraints, men would devolve into Clintonesque rapacious behavior of all available attractive women. Wow, what a great view of what heterosexual men's "natural" desires are. Good thing we have this great civilization to bar us from raping all the women, because you know, that's exactly what I would be doing if there wasn't any social constraints. Right?

Well, according to this statistic, civilization ain't holding up its end of the bargain to stop rape all that much, Orson: In the United States, 1.3 women are raped every minute. That results in 78 rapes each hour, 1,872 rapes each day, 56,160 rapes each month and 683,280 rapes each year.

And he tries to link sexual abuse with whether or not someone turns out to be gay. Well one in three women have been sexually abused by a man, and most of these women who have been abused are heterosexual. Does that mean they are heterosexual because a man has sexually abused them, too?

Way to go, Orson! I hear Bush has a spot opening up for you on his team any day now. You're great at alienating over half of the population with as few words as possible.


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