Monday, March 28, 2005

Circus of the Theocratic Stars

A good article from the New York Times, which I must say has really stepped up to the plate lately to give voice to the large population of Americans who seem voiceless at the moment, the Americans who do not want a government selected and organized based on faith and religion. The article confirms many of my own theories about the current cultural troubles brewing in America at the moment. I think it's a short term thing being driven by fear by politicians and religious leaders who gain power through fear of god tactics instead of gaining power based on a record of achievement and merit that proves they can lead well. It's sad when people vote someone into a position of power based on his claim to faith, rather than looking at the record of his or her slimy existence in this world for a recommendation. And the other thing I'd like to highlight in this article is how it will only get worse until that silent, real majority of voters stops allowing the theocratic minority to shout over them. Heh, NBC is cashing in by starting a mini-series called "Revelations" or something like that, in the vein of that messed up badly written "Left Behind" series. They are going to make so much money off of that crap, I bet.


Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Amen to that. So to speak.

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