Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Not brooding so much any longer. I am casting off neuroses pretty quickly, ahem...

And in other news, the winter break is nearly here, and I cannot wait for it, to have an entire month off and to myself to catch up with writing and doing the holiday cheer scene. For the past two years, I've dreaded the holidays, due to a messy personal life. That's all getting cleared up now more and more, so for the first time in two years, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and feeling generally happy. It's been so long that I forgot how it actually feels.

Watched "Kissing Jessica Stein" last night. Well, the first three fourths of it, at least. Gonna rewatch it today. Got distracted with some kissing of my own, so I don't know how it ended, but what I saw of it was great.

Saw "Frida" a couple of days ago, which was wonderful wonderful wonderful. I'm a huge Frida Kahlo fan, have been for years now. Although her life and my own are very different, I feel a kinship with the sort of being she was--split down the middle of just about every aspect of her identity, and her internalization of the world through her art. The director did a nice job of incorporating scenes that reveal the conception of some of her more famous works of art--very light handed. You wouldn't know she was doing this if you didn't know Kahlo's painting very well, and the scenes still work, so bravo.

Christ I'm happy today. Somebody hand me a cigarette.


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