Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ah, Wiscon, how I love that convention. So many good people, old and new this year. I'm not sure even what to say other than it was the best Wiscon for me ever so far. We had karaoke at the Ratbastards Party and it was the best fun of our parties so far, in my opinion. We promise to continue upping the party ante in the coming years as well. Why settle for those bland mixers where everyone stands around gawking at each other, scanning the room for "important" people to talk to, when you can get drunk and dance and sing and make fools of yourselves instead? Yay for karaoke! And yay for giving readings and having editors show an interest in your work. And yay for all the beautiful new chapbooks and zines and small press books that were released. Small Beer Press put out two new books, one by Sean Stewart and one by Jennifer Stevenson. Both are gorgeous. I'm reading Sean's now, and it's amazingly good. Also, a new Richard Butner chapbook, Horses Blow Up Dog City and Other Stories, a must, a must, I say. The new Flytrap, the new Rabid Transit, the new Say... ,the first issue of The Dogtown Review, the new LCRW, the new Electric Velocipede. These may be small little magazines, but they're exciting and beautifully made, and worked hard for to be made. And it's also where the most exciting stuff is being published, in my humble opinion. Go forth and get copies for your own well being. And yay for friends staying an extra day after the con is over. I missed my flight and couldn't get another one till 6 the next morning. So very happy to have Justine and Scott, Mr. Rowe and Ms. Bond, Kelly and Gavin to keep me, and keep me company, in my delay in coming home.

But home I am finally.

Miss you all already.


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