Friday, October 29, 2004

This week nearly killed me. I don't know why, but it drained me to running on empty. Everyone else I talk to seems to think the week was normal for them, but it just took everything out of me. Maybe because I am revising my novel a bit, in the tail end of that, on top of teaching six classes a day and trying to speak Japanese as usual (which is tougher than it may seem, spending your days trying to communicate in another language can really sap you) and also I have started running pretty seriously again, and have started doing so every day after school with the junior high track team. The kids love having me run with them, and groups of non-runners gather on the sidelines to cheer, "gambatte Chris sensei!" as I run past with their friends. Some try to translate it to english and shout, "Fight-o! Fight-o!" and I just wave and say, "gambatte imasu!" which is just, "I'm trying my best!"

It was a good week in general, but yeah, dead tired. Dead on my feet. Brain not working at high speeds, really, any longer.

So to remedy that, after a night at Tsubohatchi, Kevin and Beth and I went to the Doremifa Club to sing karaoke. Since it was just the three of us, we decided to test drive a bunch of songs we wouldn't normally just decide to sing in front of the opposition (aka Japanese people). In the end, Kevin and I did a good run through of "No Scrubs" by TLC (not bad for white boys) we decided I shouldn't sing KD Lang's Miss Chatelaine, except in the shower, and Meredith Brookes' "Bitch" is on its way into my repetoire. Who knew? (that's a rhetorical question).

Also Mony Mony is just fun. And Ace of Base, The Sign. Wow, high school. Whew!
Glad that's over!

On the drive home, Beyonce Knowles came on the radio with "Crazy in Love" and as I parked in my apartment lot, I did a little seat dancing. God it's been so long since I've been dancing. I really miss it. We decided tonight we'd go into Roppongi sometime in the next month and stay the night dancing at the clubs there to spend a little energy shaking the booty. Much needed. Much much needed.

Other than this, life is good. I just need more sleep and less work.

Work is good, but I've impressed my school a little too well. I've been there two months in this year's contract and they've already contacted the place that brought me over to ask for a contract for the following year.

Other than this, not much else to report. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Blogger Christopher Barzak said...

Yes indeed, seems I hit my musical wall *after* you sent me that email. If I don't get help soon, I may end up renting karaoke rooms all by myself and then I think there will have to be a new sort of addiction problem categorized in the psychology journals.

3:29 AM  

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