Friday, February 03, 2006

Karaoke Partner Wanted

Do you like music? Do you sing well? What's your range? Can you sing anything from musicals to country and western to rap or hip hop or indie rock? Do you attend Wiscon or plan to live in a general radius of me when I move back to the United States? Well, then, now that the standards have been established, why don't you send me an application to sing karaoke with me on a regular or part time basis once I'm back. I like all types of music and taking turns is especially important, but also being able to do duets is a crucial point. Can you see yourself singing anything from a Disney "A Whole New World" type of song to "Wonderwall" by Oasis? No? Well I'm sure you're still a good person, but I'm looking for someone more flexible than that. I'm sure you understand.

Send files of karaoke samples for me to sort through. I'll only be home a couple of weeks before I'll be at Wiscon where the Ratbastards notorious Karaoke party will be held, and my karaoke partner here will still be in Japan and who knows when I'll ever get to sing with her again, so practice up and let's do anything from Madonna to Ub40 to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Free your mind, as Neo says, and let's kick it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you considered opening a karaoke bar when you get back?

7:59 PM  
Blogger Christopher Barzak said...

No. Mainly because that would mean I would have to take out loans and then learn how to run a business. I have no head for business, which would then mean I'd have to hire someone who does, which would mean I'd have to trust someone with my business, and I never did like playing that just fall back and I'll catch you game. Also I don't know how well a Japanese style karaoke bar would go over in America, and where exactly would be a place that it would do well. It also seems like it would end up taking up all of my time for years to come. Which means, less writing, which I don't wanna do any less than I am. ;-)

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bars w/ kareoke nights seem to do best amongst the hipsterati. Otherwise -- Korean kareoke boxes are where it's at, business-wise. Or bowling alleys. lots of kareoke at bowling alleys.

I live in LA, at the moment, so you know I'm probably not the best candidate for kareoke partner. But I will be at wiscon, and if you'd like to do a duet at some point I'd be down.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Christopher Barzak said...

Oh Korean box karaoke? Meg that started in Japan. That's all they have here. They don't do the bar karaoke like America. I think maybe America is the only country that does that. Okay maybe Canada and Australia and England. I can't speak for all English speaking countries, but Japan invented the karaoke box set up. That's what I'll miss most, being able to get a room with friends and just karaoke and have servers bring us drinks and food all night long. I would never open a karaoke bar bar. But I would consider a karaoke parlor, as they're called here. I will definitely be up for a duet. I like a girl who just dives right in. I will need to catch up with what's gone on in my absence for the past two years. So many new faces, it seems, have sprung up. I'm excited. Do you have any songs in mind?

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I figured it started in Japan. But all the boxes I've been to are Korean. Across the country! It's a conspiracy. Also, I have done bar kareoke in Berlin, but it was in a hostel in Berlin, so perhaps it was more American influence...

Hm, duets. I haven't really thought about the duet angle much. The last duet I did was "these days" by nico in a band I was in. that probably won't work. I have an incredibly soft place in my heart for the following songs in a kareoke context: Kiss by Prince, I'll Make Love 2 U or On Bended Knee by Boyz 2 Men, Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, any and all Patsy. As for actual duets? Susan and Matt did the most amazing version of that Sheryl Crow/Kid Rock song last year at wiscon, but I don't think anyone could steal their style. Ain't No Mountain High Enough would be kind of a amazing, but I ain't no Tammy Terrell.

I will think about this.

PS: I'm totally easy to get to know. 20 minutes, a beer, you know my whole life story. So don't worry about my new face. ;)

6:17 PM  
Blogger Christopher Barzak said...

Oh that's good to know, because I'm the exact same way. In fact Alan Deniro told me after he met you that he thought I'd like you because we are similar that way. In fact, I think after 20 minutes you might know more than you want to know about my life. ;-)

I think Dead or Alive, by Bon Jovi, is something you should sing with Deniro, actually. Didn't he do this as usual last Wiscon?? Kiss, by Prince, is more my style. Do you do a decent Stevie Nicks? We could always try Leather and Lace, by her and Don Henley.

I just hope that the karaoke machine has Hedwig and the Angry Inch songs like The Origin of Love.

I think I am heading to Karen M.'s house several days before the con so I can go to a karaoke bar with her where you are backed up by a live band, not a box, which I've never done before. It sounds way cool. If you can come out that early, you should!

6:47 PM  

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