Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eventually You Will Have to Submit

Rabid Transit will soon be accepting submissions for Rabid Transit #6.

Submission time period and other notes: November 1-December 15. All submissions received before or after this time period will be discarded unread. Additionally, please only send one submission–that means (a) no multiple attachments of stories in a single submission and (b) only one story during the reading period.

Finally, we’re not looking for stories from people who have already published in Rabid Transit. Though, seriously, we love you all.

Length: 7,500 words and less.

What we’re looking for: The best way to figure out what we’re interested in publishing is to read a copy or two of our back issues.You can order copies directly from the Rabid Transit web site or from ProjectPulp.

There isn’t one particular type of story that we’re looking for–we’ve published stories that are completely gonzo and experimental, and stories that are more or less traditional. Most have included fantastic or speculative elements–but not all of them. What the stories HAVE shared is an attentiveness to the way that language shapes the reading experience–whatever the parameters of that experience might be. If you have a story that has just been too weird or off-kilter for other magazines, we just might like to see it.

Payment: $20 (on publication) for first North American serial rights.The issue will debut at Wiscon 31, May 2007, so expect to hear about your submission some time in the winter/early spring.

How to send the stories: Please send a story in Rich Text Format (RTF)to: rabidtransit@gmail.com. Please include in the subject line of youremail your full name and the title of the story.

Please email rabidtransit@gmail.com if you have any questions!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might actually call my own bluff and submit something. If I have the time, hohohoho.

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