Saturday, October 19, 2002

So I was up with insomnia tonight. Took a bath, wrote a little, read a little, listened to Neko Case a little, talked to Kristin Livdahl a little, made Carribean Jerk chicken, and ate a little, then searched the web a little. Something of interest I found. My name apparently has deeply important religious meaning. Here is what someone posted on a spirituality board:

"With every human being God creates, he assigns a Qareen. The Qareen is the Jinn mate or companion of the human being and that is what you refer to as higher self. The Qareen is made of Jinn and since the creation of Jinn is different from that of the human beings, their actions are also different. They are also of different kinds just as the human beings are of different races. When we die, we do not go to the light, we go to a place called Barzak where we wait till the Day of Judgement. I hope the above information will shed some LIGHT on your knowledge of the soul."

Hmmph! Who would have thunk it??!!


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