Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I'm in New York for this week, visiting Rick and other friends. I didn't plan on writing in the journal while I was here, but I had such a good day, I feel like I should capture the moment. And make you all envious of me (see last bit of news).

I met my agent today for the first time. He was really nice, and I like him immensely. He's funny and smart and has great stories to tell. I'd walked to the restaurant to meet him, and on my way back, the sky opened up and I was caught in a downpour for twenty minutes. I huddedled under awnings occasionally, and once in a bus shelter, but finally decided I was soaked anyway, so I might as well just get back to Rick's place, and continued on my way.

We planned on seeing Farenheit 9/11 this evening, but when we got to the cinema, the first two shows had sold out already, so we bought tickets to see the 6:45 showing. Then we bounced around some bookstores, and made our way back a couple hours later. The movie was amazing. I cried buckets of tears. I don't care what anyone says, if there are flaws to film or whatever, it's one of the most important documentaries I've ever seen. One of the most important things made that really reached inside and stirred me in a long long time. The audience was rapt for the entire film. Crying, clapping, gasping, laughing. Moore has done something really special, as usual.

On our way out of the film, we were only a few steps down the hallway when I heard this kid in front of me say "Hey, there's Michael Moore." I was like, whatever, and then I looked past the kid's head and there he was. THE Michael Moore, standing outside our theater shaking hands with people and saying hello. I was dumbfounded for an instant, and then for some reason completely recovered and went right up to him and shook his hand and told him thank you for everything he does. He was shy and nervous looking, which endeared him even more to me. The audience as we filed by him clapped for him. It was the most amazing brush with someone like that I've ever had. (I know, probably not for a lot of people, but I come from no-man's land, and this stuff just doesn't happen in my corner of Ohio). It totally made my night. And I still can't quite believe that he was actually there, being filmed of course, as one of his audiences left the viewing and were able to express their gratitude for what he's done.

Still happy happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i didn't know you were in town! sdn

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way!! That's the coolest thing in the universe (for me it's slightly cooler than the Dalai Lama agent thing, frankly, and for me that's saying alot).

i'm all "NO WAY"

and that's all I can say. But I'm glad you were there, and got to tell Moore how fantastic his work is. If you get a chance go to boingboing and watch the clip of Moore on the CBS morning news when he slams CBS.

i just want to give him kisses.

9:49 PM  
Blogger gwenda said...

Very nice, Mr. Barzak. Sounds like a great trip. And at least if it's raining, it's not horrendously hot, right?


8:58 AM  
Blogger Celia said...

My mother tells me that it's showing at our little Art Deco theater at home and selling out in the middle of our strongly republican county. One of her friends went to see it and reported that everyone watched it, no one walked out, and in my town, that's a freak of an accomplishment. My grandparents are even talking about seeing it.

2:08 AM  

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