Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Seems like retired and formerly discharged troops have been called back into duty to go to Iraq. What the hell is going on here? Also a bill was proposed to reinstate the draft. it won't fly (although others say it will eventually, given enought time), but it's interesting that an African American Democrat member of congress is who proposed it, with the intentions to make the wealthy warmongers behind so much of this to reconsider their actions in Iraq if their own children or their children's friends were also capable of being mandatorily placed in the line of fire with the largely minority and economically deprived sectors of society that make up our armed forces over there right now. I'm still constantly astounded at how numb Americans are about all of this stuff already. It's the worst thing to be in times like this. That's a key factor, numbness, that allows the powers that be to take advantage of us over and over again, because we've dampened our own sensibilities and instincts in order to not deal with the absurd reality occurring. Wake up, wake up!


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