Monday, August 23, 2004

Hahaha, thanks Mom, for the many many updates. Sometimes theyre delayed. Please excuse my post for being apostrophe-less. I cant seem to find it on this keyboard. Cant wait to have my own internet access. Im at the office right now, after being inspected by a Chinese doctor who knew some English. He would say a few words like, lift shirt please, and laugh like a huckster at speaking English. Very cute. Now on to get my alien registration card, so this will be short. I just got my car the other day and can drive on the other side of the road now, though I keep turning on my wipers when I want to turn on my blinkers, since theyre on the opposite side of the wheel. I live in a beautiful apartment now, with a view of shrines and gardens out back, and its out of the main highway area and there is wooded trails I run in, with an occasional shrine hidden inside. It feels very mysterious right now. Lots of little old men and women out gardening in the mornings when I run, and I say Ohayo Gozaimasu as I run past and nod my head and at first they looked frightened, but now for the past two days they bow and smile and return the morning greeting. Went to Tokyo Disneyland yesterday. Yep, same Disneyland, just lots of Japanese people. I get lots of looks because Im a foreigner and have blue eyes. Kids have a harder time disguising their stares. I catch them looking and they break out into huge smiles and say Ohayo! or wave or say Hello! wanting to practice what little English they may have. Several have even clapped when I smiled at them. I felt like a Disney character too. Peter Pan was an American guy and as we walked past him entertaining all the little Japanese kids he noticed us there, a few Americans, and had a momentary look of desparation and broke out of character and said, hey guys! The food is good, though it looks like it should be in a museum occasionally. Im learning language faster already, though I feel like an amnesia victim. I stared at a blanket in a store the other day and even though I knew it was a blanket, I couldnt read all the writing on the package and was compelled to ask Hiromi, my caretaker, if it was indeed a blanket. I had to pick out the milk by looking at the picture of the cow on the carton. Its wonderful and amazing and totally frustrating. Oh my god, I heard Japanese hip hop the other day and Missy Eliot would be proud, I think. It was sweet. More later, gotta fly. Miss you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello over there! Hi!


11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


We miss you already! Bow to one of those shrines for me, would ya? I could use some good energies :)

and keep updating, it sounds lovely..


11:33 AM  
Blogger chance said...

Hee! Japan stole your apostrophes!

(and your mom is so cute - but she needs to update us on Hobbsie too.)

Sounds lovely. miss you! *hug*

5:19 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Ooh, I'm feeling pangs of nostalgia and jealousy! Anytime I was tired or rushed, I'd find myself in brain lock. I remember spraying a HUGE cockroach that kept creeping towards me with some spray my roommate had under the sink. It was dripping poison, it wouldn't die. There was nowhere in that tiny apartment to go. It had me cornered on the bed. Then I noticed that I could actually read some of the instructions and it said I had to wait five minutes for the poison to kick in.

Anyways, I had similar stares when I went jogging. Hopefully, running for excercise is a little more common now as their Olympic win in the women's marathon might show. Miss you already!

1:15 AM  

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