Friday, February 18, 2005

Saturday Morning Interviews and Anniversaries

Saturday morning here in the Barzak apato, and I'm listening to the familiar sound of Karen Joy Fowler's lovely laugh. This interview was published back in September, but I'm not sure if anyone knew about it or found it online at the time. I am a huge huge fan of Michael Silverblatt's interviews for the Bookworm program on KCRW in Santa Monica, and listened to them almost every week when I was back in the States. After I moved, I forgot to go back to the website for a while, and recently I remembered my old ritual and brought it back into my weekend activities again, so I've been going through the interviews done since September, since I moved here. Karen's was one of the ones to go online only a couple weeks after I left. Six months later, it's a really nice thing to have as a surprise, to hear a familiar voice from back home online. And the interview is fabulous, dahlings, so run, as Ms. Bond always says, do not walk.

And yes, tomorrow is my six month anniversary with Japan. So far we haven't killed each other, so the future looks bright.


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