Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Hole in the City

A good, sad read. Trust me on it.


Blogger elad said...

cool. thanks for the link, chris. looking forward to reading it.

(although i wonder, for the millionth time, why SciFiction doesn't have a printer-friendly option!)

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for posting this.

Elad (or anyone else)I will email you a printable file if you like.


11:26 PM  
Blogger elad said...

thanks for the offer, but already printed and read. (the broke conservantist in me hates wasting huge margins on paper.)

loved the story, Rick. some powerful stuff there. a chill in the exact moment you wanted me to get a chill (easy guess when).

it seems like it's been so long since that September day but i read stories like this and it brings me right back to it. all the emotion of those days. in many ways, your story is quiet compared to a lot of 9/11 stuff, but it still resonated with me. really liked the character parllels and the references to old New York disasters. put 9/11 in a new perspective for me.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for reading the story and for your kind words. I was struck by the difference between personal experience and media exposure. The gasp and moan of the crowd around me on the street when we saw the first tower disintegrate will always be with me. But the event the world saw on television: remote, horrible, iconic, infinitely replayed, was, I think, harder to get past than the reality.

7:04 PM  
Blogger elad said...

glad to, Rick. I've heard Chris talk about you and your work for years but am ashamed to say I've never read anything by you till now. But I'm very glad I got to read this because I think it'll stick me with for a long time.

As for my 9/11 story, I'm a native New Yorker but I was living in San Francisco then. I remember watching the smoke cover the city from helicopter views and thinking, "my city is on fire." I can't imagine now watching endless hours of coverage of that. it had a chilling effect on me and I ended up dropping out of school briefly to come back home and live in New York forawhile. felt like something I had to do.

12:12 AM  

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