Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fabulous Disintegration

After talking with my friend Graham about Youngstown and what the area around here is like, he sent me this link to a really gorgeous site called "The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit". So many of these pictures could have been taken here too. And though they're portraits of the American Dream gone to rust and waste, they really are gorgeous, as I said. But I find disintegration interesting in general.


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Blogger Bill S. said...

When I lived in Detroit, I was just used to driving past places like this and not giving it another thought. That's pretty much what you have to do, or else it becomes almost oppressive. Now that I'm elsewhere, I look at them and feel almost heart-broken, and vaguely homesick. Thanks so much for posting the link, Chris.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sabes que Muroran se parece mucho a Youngstown? Que coincidencia! Antes hubo la gloria de hierro,y ahora solamente la ciudad universitaria. YSU y MIT.
Donde esta?
Sur de Hokkaido,Japon,donde vive Akihiro.


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