Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fantasy: The Very Best of 2005

My contributor's copies of Jonathan Strahan's "Fantasy: The Very Best of 2005" arrived the other day, and I've just got to say it's a really eclectic, interesting selection of stories. I look forward to the Year's Best anthology he'll edit for Nightshade Books next year as well. But definitely take a look at this one if you haven't done so already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The _Very_ Best!

Now I want to see editors arm-wrestling over whose year's best antho is tops.

- Hannah

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Graham said...

Arm-wrestling? My money's on the Ellen/Kelly/Gavin tag-team.

Now if they tried tiddlywinks, of course...

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arm-wrestling: an interesting morning line.

Datlow/Link/Grant - there are three of them and Ellen, as anyone who's gone flea marketing with her knows, can be mean in the crunch. Hartwell/Cramer - seasoned veterans but outnumbered. Wallace, pretty much a newcomer. Even with Betancourt helping out on the horror side I'd want long odds. Horton - dark horse newcomer with strong word of mouth. Up against the fearsome threesome, I'm afraid he's got problems. Strahan, much as we love him is, especially without Haber (veteran pro plenty of sneaky inside moves), pretty much doomed.

Actually, The D/L/G YBF&H and the Dozois YBSF are the brand names with guaranteed sales. For the rest, I kind of think that being first out of the gate could be an important element. I was in the Wallace/Betancourt horror volume and was surprised at the attention and distribution it got.

rick bowes

12:25 PM  

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