Sunday, November 10, 2002

Went out with friends last night and listened to a good local band, The Zou's, who sound very mellow and jazzy. Relaxed a little. Then went dancing. Was a good night had by all. The dancing de-stressed me a little. Physical activity has always helped work mental kinks out of me. Too bad I'm so lazy! But I do love dancing, so I have at least that.

There is a new blog listed on the little blog log on your left. Take note of 32 Degrees. Kristin is always able to cheer me up.

Sorry the posts have been fewer and farther between. Four weeks left of school. Defense of Master's thesis on the horizon, and several more pages needed written in it before it's presentable. I'm dragging. Would rather be working on my own fiction. I can't wait to be done with school and finish the few short story ideas I have waiting to be worked on, then move onto a novel. I'm ready. I think. I hope. I feel more ready than I have before, at least.


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