Friday, October 25, 2002

Went to a poetry reading last night by H.L. Hix. He was very good, and his book of essays, As Easy as Lying, is good too. Afterwards, went to the after-reading party and mingled with others. Guess who was old freshman writing instructor with the knee-high black boots. We caught up. She's writing young adult novels now. I don't think she's published any yet, though. If anyone can hook me up with a young adult editor, ahem, I would owe you BIG.

Going to a ghost walk tonight--not a haunted house. It's put on in the next town over, Warren, in the historic district. You're led around by a guide who takes you to historic sites, and at each one an actor plays the part of a local famous ghost and tells you their story. I used to go to this in high school and thought it was awesome. I hope it isn't like reading a book I really liked at fourteen, and then try to reread it and think, What the hell did I like about this?

Then we're off to Cancun, best Mexican in Y-town, and then to Cedars to hear a friend's band play. Everyone have a good weekend. Less than a week till World Fantasy. Counting down the minutes.


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