Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reviewer in Exile

One of the toughest yet honest critics you'll find on the net. Here's Dolan on James Frey's new book, and again on his first book, the one under so much scrutiny at the moment. Apparently this guy was on to Frey (and a good many other literary scams) from the start.


Anonymous Lauren said...

LOVED that Dolan review. I for one believe Frey is getting off too easy. Oprah has thrown her support behind him, claiming the power of the story remains whether or not it's true. But isn't lying wrong? And if it is wrong, shouldn't liars be punished? I mean I've written some sucky stories in my time. I never once considered re-framing them as memoirs. Then again, I doubt I could convince anyone I was an AI or a cycling hermaphrodite.

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