Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nebulas and Reading

The Nebula Preliminary ballot is long in some categories this year, and short in others. The novel category, in particular, is really long. And the novelette category, where my story "The Language of Moths" is hanging out, is pretty long as well. The novellas are unfortunately few. The short story category looks...healthy enough. It looks like there was more nominating of works this past year, which is a good sign that writers are taking a more active role in the award process. If you're a SFWA member and want to read some of the work that we'll be voting on for the short list ballot, remember to check out the private SFWA list of online links to stories and pdf files of novels like Tobias Buckell's Crystal Rain, etc. Richard Bowes, author of From the Files of the Time Rangers is offering free copies of his novel to SFWA members who would like the chance to read it in time for the vote as well. You can find his email on that page. Make sure to take a look at what's on the list and decided for yourself what the best work of the past year has been in the speculative fiction genre. Like anything where voting takes place, it's important to represent.

I'm off to read some things I missed this year right now. I hope everyone's New Year got off to a good start. Mine has been hurried, but productive.

Oh, and also, here's the cover for Ellen Datlow's and Terri Windling's next anthology, Coyote Road: Trickster Tales, which includes my story, "Realer Than You". It looks like it's going to be a good one!


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