Saturday, January 28, 2006

Progress Report

Chapter finished. Two more to go. I'm so near the end of this book I can almost taste it.

As celebration, I ate pizza with corn and bacon and tuna on it. Honest, it's really good and not even one of the odder things you can eat in Japan if you're a Westerner. I could have, after all, got a pizza with mayonnaise on it.

Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go, go, gooooo...

Rock on, Chris! Best of luck at the finish line.


4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh chris, that movie was gorgeous. the thing is, they never really said goodbye. because they were always together in their own way. what i found interesting was the way their love manifested itself in their lives, how differently each grew and acoomodated and hid it. powerful stuff, that love.

i was impressed by both actors, and i saw what you meant about heath being more outside of himself...but i think that jake's character didn't require him to leave himself as much, you know because he was less afraid of his love, and more willing to show it and try to make room for it, even though ennis loved him more i think, jack was more affectionate or needy. god, that scene where they hug after 4 years? killed me. so perfect, such a stellar capture of emotion and love.

and michelle williams' reaction as the wife? dead on. you could see it in her eyes, how a part of her died, how she was so alarmed and broken and hurt and scared and confused and resigned. wow. i mean, that was all with one look.


1:44 AM  

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