Monday, June 12, 2006

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - ?????

If you haven't listened to the Asian Kung Fu Generation before, watch this video. I love this song. It's called "Kimi to iu Hana" which means "A Flower Called You". Actually a literal translation might be "A Flower Named You" but I prefer "called" in this case.

I miss Japanese karaoke. I was learning this song when I left. If I find the Asian Kung Fu song that was part of my Japanese repetoire, I'll post it.

Oh, and if you do watch this video, watch till at least a little halfway through, as there is the cutest scene with the small dancer and the band members on the narrow pier. I love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked it! I love Asian Kung-Fu Generation and this song.the video was quite funny...

1:30 PM  

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